Weight Loss Total Body Transformation Workout: Attain Fitness Year-Round

Total Body Transformation WorkoutEverybody loves the famous Robin Scherbatsky, the actress Cobie Smulders, from the TV series “How I Met Your Mother” and her amazing fitness and body toning from the season one till now did not skip our eyes. Her weight loss body transformation is a result of none other than workouts and fitness routines that still keeps her fit and fresh as she enters her mid-thirties.

If you find Cobie’s transformation a mentor to you then it is the perfect time that you indulge yourself in a year of fitness with a body workout plan that will work for you.

From the ABC’s fitness show “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition”, comes the expert trainer Chris Powell who has designed a month to month body workout schedule for people like us, who have a real life and have to take time to indulge in total body transforming workouts.

Real Life Weight Loss Body Transformation

The trainer Chris focuses on making the loss of weight a realistic thing for people who do not want to indulge in staggering exercise equipments of the gym and have to battle with the frustrating race of losing the pounds.

He does not gather up a bunch of heavy people, like most reality shows, instead his total body transformation workout includes a sustainable plan, that goes a year long, will urge people to not give up.

Chris Powell’s Total Body Transformation Workout Monthly Plan:

The 6 months total exercising routines are out to help you get in shape and the rest will be out by December.

  • Month One: Build Muscle
  • Month Two: Boost Speed
  • Month Three: Blast Fat
  • Month Four: Boost Metabolism
  • Month Five: Increase Stamina
  • Month Six: Maximize Muscle Growth
  • Month Seven: Build Muscle Endurance

The trainer Powell states, “After a week of meeting your goals, you’ll feel incredible. After two weeks, you’ll consider yourself unstoppable. By the time you hit six months or a year, there will be nothing you can’t do”.


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