Fitness Review with Chalene Workouts: Turbo Fire vs. Turbo Jam!

The Turbo series by Chalene Johnson is there to help you get in the best shape of life by pumping and thrilling beats and moves. Whether it is The Turbo Fire workout or the Turbo Jam routine, Chalene is going to get you in the right form as you follow her on every move that you will make.Turbo Fire workout

Although one fitness expert structures both the programs, both these workout programs are completely different from each other, offer varied results and appeal to different audiences.

To understand the comparing workouts here is a little insight on Turbo Fire vs. Turbo Jam so that you get to know about them.

Turbo Fire vs. Turbo Jam – Counting the Differences:

Many people who want to follow the hip-hop workouts by Chalene are often confused in selecting the program best for them. As both the workouts are fun, sculpts the body and tones up the muscles, this brief review will help you make the difference between the two:

Understanding the Workout Techniques:

The Turbo Jam workout technique is aimed to gear your body towards added muscle strength and improve your cardiovascular potency. The maximum results are achieved when you keep up with the throbbing muscles and do the body pumping techniques while combining kickboxing, punching, dancing moves.

Turbo Fire on the other hand, is for those who are looking for athletic style of drills to bring their body to complete fitness. By following the workout technique of High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, get ready to with the beats and pops, kicks and punches, while enhancing your metabolism.

Turbo Fire reviews have proved that it is indeed an advanced workout from the Turbo Jam. If you want to take the fitness to the next level, take on the Turbo Fire workout as it promises to deliver a butt kicking cardio workout!

Cutting the Calories and Adding to Results:

Turbo jam workout schedule is specially designed to make you burn 1000 calories with one hour of exercising. Although Turbo Jam is not a traditional cardio workout, and beats the workouts results from activities running on the treadmill, jogging or swimming, but it is still a step behind the Turbo Fire workout.turbo jam workouts

The HIIT workout technique that is used in the Turbo Fire will let you burn 9 times more calories than classic cardio workouts.

Moreover, Turbo Jam workout is more towards dancing to help you burn the fat, where as Turbo Fire is designed to take your cardio workouts to an athlete’s level.

Final Word:

If you are a beginner, Turbo Jam is for you as the workout is totally addictive and will help motivate you to workout daily. Keep up with the speed of the training session by following the right training techniques.

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To take your fitness to the next level and to add more cardio routines, then you should substitute your fitness results with Turbo Fire advanced training workout.

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