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Mindy Wender Fitness

Team Beachbody Coach

 Beachbody Coaching

Below I will explain to you what Beachbody Coaching means & you can decide if this business is right for you or not. Please send all questions to

Watch Recorded Webinar NOW click link below OR scroll down to read a brief explanation of what Team Beachbody Coaching is all about:

OR watch this youtube video:

Becoming a Coach means that you own your own fitness/health business and you just direct people to your website.  In other words, when someone needs help with fitness/nutrition, you help them and direct them to your site. When someone wants supplemental income or their own business, you briefly explain it and again, direct them to your site if they’re interested. Fortunately, Beachbody programs are VERY well-known & liked!

You make commissions from sales from your site and you make team bonuses if you choose to build a team. You don’t have to keep any inventory, deal with customer service, or shipping.. Beachbody does all of that.

It’s $39.95 to join and get your business kit, and then $14.95/month for Beachbody to maintian your website. You get 25% discounts on all the products, and you can cancel it at any time if you want to discontinue. You can put in as much time, or as little, as you want. But long-term, you’ll get out of it what you’ve put in. Most coaches who commit to working this business will earn around $1,000 weekly after just 1 year and it keeps growing from there!!

It’s really fun! If you have any hesitations or questions, just let me know at and if you think YES this business is what Im looking for go to and click COACH to join our team.

Team Beachbody Coach Mindy Wender

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