AboutimageHEY! Welcome to MindyWenderFitness.com. My name is Mindy and I wanted to share a little bit about myself and about my lifestyle blog. I am a Mom of two beautiful kiddos, Lane & Lilly, and they are my whole world. I am happily married and we live in a super small town in the country. I consider myself your small town “go to” girl next door.

About 6 years ago when my son was born I started to get extremely stressed out and unhappy that I was going to have to go back to work and miss all the important stuff he did. I always thought of myself as being a PRESENT mom where I would be at home with them and watch them grow. I was only able to take 3 weeks off from work after having my son {UNPAID} because we were hurting for money so badly and I remember feeling just sick to my stomach. I searched and searched online to find a job that I could do at home but found nothing that interested me. A few months after I went back to work my husband was laid off from his job and so everything was on my shoulders. I had to work 40-50 hours weekly just to BARELY get by. We were on state aid and I was just going through the motions in life, living unhappy, and having NO PLAN on what we would do to get out of it.

When my son was 8 months old I started my own online health and fitness business as a beachbody coach. I was scared and nervous to do it but I knew if I wanted something different I had to DO something different. I went for it and went ALL IN. That was the best decision I have made because I was able to completely quit my job in 1 year so I could be present in my sons (and now my daughters) life, I was able to do something that I LOVE, and we were and are able to create a life that WE design!

Since then we have been able to completely pay off all of our debt, we built our dream home in the country on 5 acres and we paid OFF our dream home 29 years early, we are able to take family vacations and pay cash for them, we are able to help out friends and family members when they are in need, we are able to provide for our kids with ANYTHING they need, and the list goes on. MOST of all we are able to live each day with purpose and the way WE want to.

A few years ago when my daughter was about 15 months old we found out that she had autism. We at first were so lost, scared, and confused but THEN we started to learn and educate ourselves. We found out that there are MANY ways to naturally heal her and even completely recover her from Autism. I have WAY more info on this part of our journey over on HER blog http://LillyGivesHope.com Why I am sharing this info here is because on this journey we have learned a lot and it has completely turned our lives around in a POSITIVE WAY. In all the research that I have done we have learned a lot about natural healing and detoxing and we have become wanna be hippies hehe. I will share on this blog what we are learning and that can apply to ANYONE!


What you will get when you are a {free} VIP at MindyWenderFitness.com is a little bit of fitness & health, some natural remedies, a few healthy recipes, occasional tips on detoxing, a weekly dose of self help & inspiration, a tiny bit of fashion stuff that I am digging, and of course as you know … you gotta have FAITH to top it all off! It will be a place for us Moms {and Dads} to learn, chat, share, and have FUN!


Thanks for signing up as a VIP member and excited to share our journey and life!

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